Red bricks and plush carpet
Walk-in closets and spa tubs
63” televisions and fiberoptic
Is this our home?

Barbed wire and assault weapons
Dusty roads and angry eyes
Scarce food and empty rivers
Is this our home?

Steadfast care and fierce determination
Shared sorrows and elated joys
Stanch presence and authentic loyalty
This is our home

When we begin to learn of home O Lord
We find moments promising joy
We encounter fragments forcing sorrow
We observe drifting glimpses, offering hope  

When we seek our home in selfishness O Lord
We find hatred slamming doors shut
We witness violence silencing dissension
We experience sleepless nights, bereft of peace

When we find our home in You, O Lord
We find wisdom creating safety
We discover compassion fashioning patience
We welcome deep rest, in Your covenant of belonging