My rulebook, once upon a time
Allowed me to survive, O God
Trying not to hurt anyone
My own life not really lived

Our faith rulebook, time and again
Twisted for punishment, O God
By people vying for Your power
Choking life as selfishness grew

Your rulebook, then and now
Offers a relational way, O God
Seeking You and honoring neighbor
Thriving in community, fully alive

Giver of life, we reverence you
That you are “it”
That other stuff is not
That meaningful life
Comes only from you

Giver of wisdom, we welcome you
That your ways are best
That we may not understand
That unexplainable peace
Comes only from you

Giver of the way, we seek you
That surrender brings healing
That compassion offers restoration
That holy wholeness
Comes only from you