Cries for help from people
Numbering more than the stars
Amid oppression cultivated in fear
Where is Your rescuing power?

Inhumane official rules against people
Groaning under weight unbearable
Amid joy birthed with illegal sons
Where is Your sweeping justice?

A name of promise for people
Looking for abundant release
Amid battles raging for supremacy
Where You are with us, You are

You are. So simple and yet so complex.
You are present. You are loving.
You are full of surprises.
You are creative and wise.
You are right here with us.

You are. So real and yet so mysterious.
You are unwavering. You are demanding.
You are full of righteousness.
You are ever-new and ancient.
You are the Lord.

You are. So comforting and yet so challenging.
You are refuge. You are liberating.
You are full of strange ideas.
You are grace and justice.
You are Adonai.