Did he see the stars that night?
Wondering if his would wink out
Fearing the vengeful hand of his twin

Did You see the stars that night?
Double counting their twinkling
Telling one its name would soon change

Will we see the stars at night?
Amidst solitary unexpected struggles
Holding on, injured and blessed

The darkest nights can be magical O God
Full moons amid misty clouds
Dancing with the brightest stars
Swimming in the Milky Way
Their brilliance revealed
In blankets of deep shadow

The darkest nights can be terrifying O God
Unseen evil lurking beyond
Peering around thorny surprises
Uneven patches waiting quietly
Tripping the most careful traveler
Just trying to get safely home

The darkest nights can be transforming O God
Promises of abundance fortifying
Memories of presence strengthening
Acts of lovingkindness clung to
Understanding of faithfulness realized
As dawn slowly coaxes us into newness of life